Interested in supplying us with spore products Email: Mark@SporeBuddies.com



Hey Mark, who's this?


Hey Guys. This is SmalHouse.

Small house is a new face on the spore syringe scene.

Based in Europe. This Lab try's to make big changes with small ideas. 

I have always loved the Work SmallHouse does, so i asked them to put a little project together for me and they agreed. 

So whats the Idea Mark?


Well i am kinda surprised it has not been thought of or released before. 

Think of it this way.

What is better?

One big bar of chocolate or.... a selection box. 

One 10 ml syringe or lots of 2.5 ml syringes.

If you know exactly which spores you would like to place under the microscope then a 10 ml syringe would be great. But if your just starting out you might not know which spores to sample.

SmallHouse will be Supplying SporeBuddies.com with an EXCLUSIVE range of 2.5 ml Luer-Lock syringes. This way you can study many different spores at the same time.    

Mark Say whaaattt? How much?

 Well we bargained hard for you. Very hard for you! 

Come on Buddy. How much?


Well we still get a sting from the delivery company and happy days. SmallHouse are VAT registered, so..... 

We plan to release any Single 2.5 ml Syringe from the SmallHouse range for only £4.99 with standard delivery cost.

2 x 2.5 ml syringes for £9.99

3 x 2.5 ml syringes for £14.99

4 x 2.5 ml syringes for £19.99

We combine shipping on all orders. So you will only ever pay £1.99 (UK 2nd T+S) and £7.99 (World Wide T+S) for up to 12 SmallHouse spore samples.

Where else in the WORLD can you buy Four strains ready for study for under £20. 

Will you do a Discount if i want SmallHouse's FULL range?


How did i know you would ask me that hahahaha. 

Yes we WILL.

SporeBuddies.com will be putting together a package with all 12 options from the SmallHouse range. 12 x 1.5" applicator needles and 24 x Alcohol wabs for an all inclusive price of £49.99. That's a massive saving of nearly £10 on this bundle. 

Just send me a message at Mark@SporeBuddies.com 

OMG dude. WOW. Well whats in their range?


You will be able to select from any of the following study samples:

Costa Rican

Penis Envi 

Penis Envi Uncut 

Penis Envi Albino 


Golden Teacher



Nepal Chitwan

Pez Hawaaian

Treasure Coast White Label


Please enjoy you microscopic studies